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Yaki Yaki October Promotion

     This month we are focus on LUNCH and HI-TEA also. Now we also using different culture to prominence our BBQ food : JAPANESE BBQ, TEXAS BBQ, THAI BBQ and SHANGHAI BBQ. We also prepare alot of special sauce to match this concept, so u can try different sauce to DIY your meal.
     This month when you purchase our CASH VOUNCHER also getting 20% discount now and free apply our VIP CARD (5% discount in every meal). Beside that, when you show out our leaflet also can getting 10% discount in unpromotion period.


Yaki Yaki September Promotion

This Is September Promotion. Now our promotion is focus on weekday only, you never get the lower price to taking buffet in the town. This month we also change concept already, we are NON HALA now. 9 more day are going to finish this promotion, don't wait fast reserve now.

Yaki Yaki Buffet Restaurant

Yaki Yaki Buffet Restaurant
Reservation Tel : 03-2142 8111



20 sept 2009

This is my 1st day open this blog.

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Thank and enjoy when you getting dinner on Yaki Yaki. ^^